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Your Spiritual Journey to the Holy Lands

Features of the Group





Atabat, meaning “the holy places”, is committed to providing reliable and affordable services to those who wish to go for pilgrimage.

Although initially established under a different name in 1987 it continues to avail excellent services to the zuwwar in different languages and age groups. Based in Canada, it has served zuwwar from different parts of the world ranging from Singapore and Pakistan to North America, the United Kingdom, and Africa.

We provide different packages to cater for the various needs of our customers. We pledge to provide you with a pilgrimage that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

As we embark on one of the most noble and important journeys in our life, may our Imams accept our salutations and visit.

May this trip spiritually purify us and bring our hearts closer to our Imams and especially the Imam of Our Time (AJFS).

Let us pray that we are able to undertake a spiritual journey, one that will have a deep impact on our lives and that it be accepted by Allah and by our Imams (A.S.)  Ameen.

Finally, please bear with us, of any shortcomings, we will try to serve you in the best possible way but if we fall short of your expectations we ask for your forgiveness from now.

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